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Turbine Management Solutions, LLC “TMSaero”, is a full service aircraft and engine SOLUTIONS provider. Our consultants, alliances, and engineering staff around the world provide timely, cost-saving solutions to the Commercial, Military, Freighter, Banking, Insurance providers, and the leasing world of operators, owners, and businesses alike.

TMSaero is led by highly experienced and mature professionals who know aircraft and engines. Our capabilities and services range from maintenance, to spares, to detailed financial arrangements. TMSaero’s professional group excels where others simply do not have the resources or long standing experience needed to provide the SOLUTIONS needed. TMSaero team of professionals has served, owned, and lead as high level executive’s with many of the major OEM and independent MRO/Airline operators around the world. TMSaero owners/management team has over 150 years of world wide industry knowledge and experience.

TMSaero has a Worldwide network and dedicated alliance groups with offices in Europe, Americas, and Asia to better serve our valued clients. Which in turn allows TMSaero to be the “go to” choice and global SOLUTIONS provider of aircraft and engine asset management services for investors, owners and operators of just about every OEM Aircraft and Turbine engine in service, for both large and narrow body thrust powered aircraft and engines.

TMSaero obtained its FAA 145 CRS certificate expanding its capability to provide field and light repairs and services for most commercial engine and airframe types, including GE, CFMI, IAE, PW, IAE, Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer. The new services now being offered by TMSaero will include Engine borescope inspection, Boro-blending, MPA runs, engine change, QEC installation and removal, preservation, top case repairs, and more.

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