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TMSaero engine and aircraft specific expertise ensures every decision is the right decision with the best Solution possible

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Turbine Management Solutions, LLC “TMSaero”, is a full service aircraft and engine SOLUTIONS provider. Our MRO services, consultants, alliances, and engineering staff around the world provide timely, cost-saving solutions to the Commercial, Military, Freighter, Banking, Insurance providers, and the leasing world of operators, owners, and businesses alike.

TMSaero is led by highly experienced and mature professionals who know aircraft and engines. Our capabilities and services range from maintenance, to spares, to detailed financial arrangements. TMSaero’s professional group excels where others simply do not have the resources or long standing experience needed to provide the SOLUTIONS needed. TMSaero team of professionals has served, owned, and lead as high level executive’s with many of the major OEM and independent MRO/Airline operators around the world. TMSaero owners/management team has over 150 years of world wide industry knowledge and experience.


its in our name and its what we provide...


TMSaero oversight and due diligence will ensure your overall fleet requirements will improve performance, increase “TOW” (Time On Wing), and reduce your shop visit costs to achieve realistic cost savings and valued added revenue stream...


TMSaero is fostered and founded by the Industries most sought after and desired aviation professionals. Our professional staff and Engineers mostly come with more then 30+ years of individual experience with airline, freighter...

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